Employee Health Nurse

Job Purpose:

 Provides quality care for all ASH employees and carries out orders complying with the policy and procedure of hospital in coordination with the Infection Control Unit.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  •  Collaborate with physician in meeting the health care need of the employee who report seeking immediate care and consultation.
  • Perform communicable disease screening and immunization for all new hire employees.
  • Provide initial and flow up care for all employees exposed to blood and infectious fluid according to the established protocols and algorithms.
  • Performs data entry into the computer system for immunization given to employees in the health clinic as well as serology reports.
  • Arranges for prompt diagnosis and management job-related illness and provide appropriate post exposure prophylaxis after job related exposures.
  • Recommend policies and procedures for ASH Employee Health Program.
  • Notify the Infection Control Nurse of work related infection and exposure that require investigation by the Infection Control Unit.
  • Second case of conjunctivitis within 3 weeks.
  • Second case of purulent pharyngitis within 3 weeks.
  • Second case of viral gastroenteritis.
  • Report communicable disease using Notification of communicable disease form and forward to the infection control. Report monthly census and blood and body fluid exposure to the infection control unit and QI.
  • Report monthly Blood and body fluid exposures to MOH.
  • Report medical employee census, serology level and their Hepatitis-B antibody level to MOH every 6 month.
  • Report annually Needle Stick rate and BBFE rate to Infection Control.
  • Adheres to ASH employee health program policies and procedures which sometimes warrant exclusion of personnel from work or patient contact.
  • Vaccinate all ASH employees at risk of contracting disease that are vaccine preventable disease (if they are risk).
  • Provides health teaching and education through:
  • Assessment of patient’s learning needs.
  • Using demonstration technique and educational materials such as brochures or pamphlets and other needed materials.

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is required
  • Graduate of a recognized, accredited school of Nursing with current registration and license to work in Saudi Arabia.
  • Minimum of 3 years working experience as a nurse.
  • With good command in English with a thorough knowledge, skill and nursing techniques.
  • With adequate technical vocabulary
  • Emotional stable
  • Computer skill is required.

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