In the Physical Therapy Month, it’s Time to Recognize the Role of Physical Therapy in our Lives

In the Physical Therapy Month, it’s Time to Recognize the Role of Physical Therapy in our Lives


Physical therapy is a dynamic medical treatment that treats acute and chronic symptoms and helps people restore functional mobility and move better or strengthen weakened muscles, relieve pain and reduce the need for surgery and drugs, whereas physical therapists understand how the cardiovascular, neurological, and endocrine systems can all affect movement, diagnose and evaluate your movement and develop a treatment plan that may include certain exercises to actively do particular movements yourself, massages and treatments based on physical stimuli of heat, cold, electrical currents or ultrasound.

Physical therapy is provided in both outpatient and inpatient settings by specially trained physiotherapists who examine and assess your needs and condition in order to develop a care plan or strengthen your weakened muscles. In both corrective and preventative manners; physical therapists treat patients suffering from medical problems that limit their abilities to move and perform functional activities, and they correct functional movement imbalances for patients with injuries or medical conditions while implementing particular techniques for improving performance. 

Some of the conditions that could benefit from physical therapy include for example but not limited to: cardiopulmonary conditions, conditions that affect the hands, musculoskeletal dysfunction, neurological conditions, pediatric conditions, sports-related injuries, female health and pelvic floor dysfunction and skin conditions or injuries.

In order to prescribe the most appropriate type of physical therapy; the professionals will be asking questions about the pain you are suffering from, medical history, quality of your sleep and symptoms of your medical condition and whether you had the pain for a short time or long time in order to examine your body and assess your needs then take the necessary measures to enhance the patient’s physical functions.

The Physical Therapy Center at Al Salam Hospital is provided with the most advanced physiotherapy equipment like electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasounds, Lazer therapy, traction table, shockwave, hydrotherapy, and operated by a well experienced team composed of a consultant in physical and Rehabilitation medicine, and physiotherapists experts in their fields, work together to provide a personalized rehabilitation plan within a centered patient care.


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