Dr. Khalid Moosa

Pediatric Surgery Consultant 
Dr. Khalid Moosa

Specialization:   Pediatric Surgery Consultant 

Years of Experience:  16  

Academic Qualification, Certifications and Membership:

  • Bachelor’s Degree of Pediatric Surgery
  • Saudi Board in Pediatric Surgery
  • French Board in Pediatric Surgery
  • Fellowship of the University of La Paz - Madrid, Spain
  • Member of the Saudi Pediatric Surgery Club 
  • Member of the French Pediatric Surgery Association

Scope of Service

  • Diagnosis of the structural or functional anomalies such as birth defects, congenital anomalies or congenital malformations such as tongue-tie release and correction of extra fingers that develop prenatally and may be identified before or at birth, or later in life
  • Repair of inguinal and umbilical hernias in children and all types of hernias for all ages.
  • Correction of congenital defects in newborns (congenital diaphragmatic hernia, intestinal obstruction, anal malformations, volvulus, all esophageal and swallowing problems).
  • Performing surgical operations for the excision of tumors and masses on the skin and body surface and diagnostic sampling
  • Repair of congenital and acquired anal fissures
  • Performing operations for children with Hirschsprung's disease and intestinal motility disorder.

Urgent inquiries

Do you have any questions or do you feel any symptoms? Do not hesitate to contact us:

00966 920 020 005


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