Dr. Maher Karray

Orthopedic Consultant
Dr. Maher Karray

 Specialization:  Orthopedic Consultant 

Years of Experience:  29 

Academic Qualification, Certifications and Membership:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Al-Manar University, Tunis, 1993
  • Inter-University Diploma in Arthroscopic Surgery, Cochin Hospital, Paris 1993
  • Inter-University Diploma in Podiatry, Cochin Hospital, Paris 1996
  • Associate professer at Al Manar University, Tunis 2003
  • Associate professer at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Khobar 2010
  • Member of the Tunisian Society of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Member of the French Society of Orthopedic Surgery
  • Saudi Arabian Orthopaedic Association
  • International Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

Scope of Service

  • Performing Arthroplasty surgical procedures to restore the function of knee, hip and shoulder joints 
  • Performing Arthroscopic surgical procedures for diagnosing and treating joint problems
  • Performing spine surgical procedures including laminectomy, microdiscectomy and traditional lumbar fusion
  • Performing surgical adjustment or modification of bone that grows incorrectly as the result of a disease or condition in hands, fingers, arms, legs, knees or ankles
  • Treatment of shoulder primary and recurrent dislocation
  • Treatment of all fractures, dislocations and other injuries surgically and conservatively for the upper and lower limbs, spine, and pelvis

Urgent inquiries

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