Cardiac Catheterization Procedures and Saving Thousands of Lives Everyday

Cardiac Catheterization Procedures and Saving Thousands of Lives Everyday


Cardiac catheterization is a medical procedure that is used for both diagnostic and interventional purposes; whereas it includes insertion of a thin flexible tube called the catheter through the groin, arm or neck into the blood vessels and the heart, and once it is in place; doctor can place the tip into various parts of the heart in order to collect blood samples from the heart, measure pressure and blood flow in the heart's chambers and in the large arteries around the heart, measure the oxygen in different parts of your heart, examine the arteries of the heart and perform a biopsy on the heart muscle.

Being generally safe with short recovery times; cardiac catheterization is a quick procedure and you are able to go home the same day. Patients must discuss their questions and concerns with the healthcare professional before the procedure and the doctor will be able to discuss the results of your catheterization with you soon after it’s completed and it’s important to follow your doctor’s instructions to prepare for the procedure and to care for yourself afterward and depending on the findings, your doctor may recommend future treatment or procedures.

Benefits of cardiac catheterization may be summarized in being a treatment for some cardiac problems like coronary angioplasty, and coronary stenting and for detecting cardiac problems and sometimes correcting them.

The Cardiology and Catheterization Center at Al Salam Hospital is well known in the Eastern Province for providing a full range of cardiovascular services by a highly qualified group of cardiologists; stemming from our recognition of the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in all countries around the world. The Center contains many operating theaters that are supplied with supporting machines and instruments and is staffed by a skillful and experienced doctors and cardiologists who use up to date laboratory and radiological facilities dedicated for the diagnosis and management of various heart diseases.


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