Obesity Worldwide; High Rates and Increased Risks

Obesity Worldwide; High Rates and Increased Risks


The main cause behind obesity as a global pubic health issue is the energy imbalance between calories consumed and those expended; whereas there is an increase in intake of foods rich in fats and sugars with a decrease in physical activity.

The increase in Body Mass Index raises the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, High blood pressure, Metabolic syndrome, Fatty liver diseases, Breathing problems, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Diseases of the gallbladder and pancreas, Kidney disease, Pregnancy problems, Fertility problems, Sexual function problems, Mental health problems and some types of cancers such as endometrial, prostate, liver, kidney and colon, in addition to gastrointestinal disorders and psychological issues.

Nevertheless, overweight is preventable, since the lifestyles and environment are the main factor shaping our choices through healthy food and physical activity; thus preventing obesity to a large scale of citizens, noting that we need change policies that shall be affecting all parts of society including governments, schools, businesses, non-profit organization, neighborhoods, communities, individuals and families to create an environment where the default option is the healthy choice. People can increase vegetable and fruit consumption, limit fats and sugars while committing to practicing daily physical activity. It is though important that the society supports individuals in society healthy lifestyle while making physical activities accessible to everyone.

Al Salam Hospital has the biggest goal of making patients gain the ability to maintain their ideal weight for life; thus the Obesity clinic was established to serve as an institution where our patients can access all the treatments they need for obesity while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The one stop medical facility will guide you throughout your journey in acquiring life-long healthier skills through the multi-disciplinary team of qualified physicians, dietitians and nurses. 


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