Department of Intensive Care

Department of Intensive Care

Patients need to be admitted to intensive care in life threatening conditions and multiorgan failure requiring comprehensive and constant monitoring to avoid deterioration; which is done under the supervision of qualified doctors and nursing staff in one of the most sensitive and important departments in hospitals.

Our department is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced devices within the highest specifications and standards under the conditions of safety and prevention for patients and is operated by the most skilled medical and nursing staff holding certified degrees and trained to provide high quality medical care to patients in various cases.

Being dedicated to cases requiring constant monitoring and intensive treatment; the Department of Intensive Care at Al Salam Hospital works in a multidisciplinary approach in accordance with the international quality standards to control infection, in addition to following-up laboratory and clinical tests, x-rays and MRI scans and surveillance devices to make sure that the patient is in better health to leave the ICU to their own room.

Related Specialties:

  • Acute infections.
  • Liver or kidney failure.
  • Respiratory failure.
  • Serious injuries.
  • Monitoring after complex surgeries, such as heart, lung and brain surgeries.
Department of Intensive Care

Department of Intensive Care Doctors


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