Department of Oncology

Department of Oncology

​The Department of Oncology at Al Salam Hospital consists of a team of specialists including medical oncologists, oncology nursing staff, social workers, dieticians and psycho-oncologists offering the best medical services to our patients according to the international accredited guidelines and standards. 

We involve the patient in all treatment decisions through explaining each stage and type of cancer in order to discuss the treatment options. The Department offers comprehensive medical non-surgical treatment for patients with cancer, along with inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy and supportive and palliative care, in addition to providing care for hematological diseases by conducting the appropriate blood tests and bone marrow procedures for the correct diagnosis and up-to-date treatment.

Our Department contains a day unit facility offering daily services and consultation for the purpose of conducting assessment for patients, both in the elective and emergency settings, chemotherapy administration and supportive care in conjunction with the palliative medicine service.

 Related Specialties:

We provide care for a wide range of specializes; including the following:

  • Cancer diagnosis
  • Blood tests, tumor markers and radiological evaluation 
  • Tumor staging. Molecular diagnoses, 
  • Chemotherapy for malignant diseases in line with international guidelines.  
  • Personalized treatment. Tangled therapy 
  • Immunotherapy 
  • Management of related side effects’ treatment. 
  • Support and follow-up patient before, during and after treatment administration. 
  • Patient education about cancer prevention and early detection 
  • Palliative approach, pain control
 Department of Oncology

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